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Experience~Strategy~Team Building~Execution

“Our unmatched experience and acutely detailed, all-encompassing approach that utilizes unique methods of research, analyzation, organization and administration is what sets us apart in Asia. Nobody is doing this”

- Sam Sakocius, President Project Control International

Kyi Hla Han, Golf Course Designer
Executive Chairman Asian Tour


5 Phase Consulting Process


Master Plan and

Design & Civil Program Development

Design & Civil Program Coordination

Pre Construction / Construction

OBJECTIVE – Owner Advocates

EFFECTIVE – Leverage Global & Local Networks

STRATEGIC - Analyze ~Report~ Recommend

ANALYTICAL – Critical Path Scheduling

INNOVATIVE – Technology Driven

  • Initial Site Evaluation

  • Project Analysis

  • Preliminary Budget & Schedule Estimates

  • Assembly of Feasibility and Concept Development Team

  • Evaluation of Government Permitting and Compliance  issues

  • Phase II Cost Evaluation

  • Designer Research and Selection Recommendations

  • Development of the Master Planning & Technical Teams

  • Development of Design Teams

  • Development of Planning Teams

  • Works within client’s existing corporate structure

  • Right Balance of Foreign/Local

  • Design Direction

  • Design Oversight, Review, Approvals

  • Civil Oversight, Review,

  • Government Liaison

  • NGO Liaison

  • Phase III Cost Analysis

  • Design Cost Control

  • Civil Cost Control

  • Golf Course Designer

  • Club House Designer

  • Landscape Designer

  • Irrigation Designer

  • Water Feature Designer

  • Water Transfer System Design

  • Strategic Land Planning

  • Project Utilities – Power

  • Streets and Infrastructure

  • Oversight of Construction Management

  • Design Team Management

  • Phase IV Cost Analysis

  • CAD Analysis & Monitoring

  • Critical Path Scheduling

  • Contract Structure

  • Pre Tender Process

  • Tender Process Monitoring

  • Cost Control



Arnold Palmer and Sam

“I am delighted to learn that PCI has been formed to assist Developers and Builders in the successful completion of golf course projects.  There certainly is a need for your services and I expect that your experience will be of great value to your clients. Specifically, owners need representation to help reduce, or eliminate conflicts with the contractors who are building their golf courses.  Change orders and time delays seem to cost owners considerably during this process, oftentimes to the benefit of the contractor.  Having an owner’s representative such as you who has years of experience could greatly enhance the entire process and reduce these additional, unbudgeted costs."

C.B Hellmann

Jr / President Bear Creek at Burrus Ridge White House, TN


“We recommended PCI for management consultancy on our 36 hole project in Cambodia ahead of other impressive candidates…,  as the project has progressed I have become ever more impressed with PCI's work and abilities as project managers.  Sam Sakocius quickly became an invaluable member of the team and will be key to the success of the project.  In Sam, the Client knows that he is getting the best possible advice and guidance and as designers we know we have someone we can trust and rely on to see the construction through to a successful completion.  PCI are a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to say that they would be an advantage to any project looking for the highest level of golf course management consultancy."

Andrew Haggar

Lead Designer, FALDO DESIGN


“Sam’s many years of experience in golf course real estate construction enables him to be an excellent advisor to an owner.”

Harrison Minchew

Director of Design, Arnold Palmer Design Company

"Sam is very knowledgable in terms of overseeing golf construction and the myriad of issues related to bringing a quality project in on time and on budget. The architectural staff at Arnold Palmer Design have enjoyed working with Sam and consider him a great friend.”

Victoria Martz

ASGCA Designer, Arnold Palmer Design Company

Current Projects

Vissai, Project Consultant, Concept Development

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Singapore Island Country Club, Project Consultant, Architect Selection through Opening

Singapore, Singapore

Lingyun Mountain, Project Consultant, Architect Selection & Pre Design through Opening

Nanchong, Sichuan China

Phoenix Valley Project Consultant, Pre Construction through Opening

Chengde, Hubei China

Vattanac Golf Resort, Project Consultant,  Pre Construction through Opening

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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